Commander's Retinue

Each Commander will have the opportunity to recruit a retinue to act as a bodyguard.

  • Once the Retinue is purchased the player may choose to deploy them with the commander or leave them behind.
  • If the retinue is included in the army the Commander must begin the game attached to that unit and loses the Independent Character Special Rule.
  • The Commander gains the Independent Character Special Rule again if the entire Retinue is killed.
  • The Retinue includes up to 3 models. A Retinue may not include Gargantuan Creatures or Super-Heavy Vehicles. For the purposes of the Retinue an Infantry model is defined as any non-vehicle model that is not a Monstrous Creature (meaning it includes bikes, jump pack, jet pack, etc…).
  • If you Commander is a vehicle, the Retinue may also be vehicles of any kind, including Walkers.
  • If the Commander is a Walker, the Retinue may be vehicles, Walkers, Infantry, or any combination of the three.
    *If the Commander is a Monstrous Creature, the Retinue may be Infantry or Monstrous Creatures, or any combination between the two.
  • If the Commander is Infantry, the Retinue may be Walkers, Infantry, Monstrous Creatures, or any combination of the three.
  • The Retinue MAY include 1 other HQ choice. (example: My Interrogator-Chaplain has two Deathwing Knights and a Librarian in Terminator Armor as a Retinue. I may not have 2 Librarians however.) This HQ choice is known as your Sub-Commander and has special rules found here.
    *Each Bodyguard can equip 1 piece of custom wargear from the Rogue Trader.

Upgrading the Retinue

  • Each Bodyguard costs 1 Token to buy. You may buy all 3 at the same time, or one at a time.
  • Players use tokens to increase the rank of each member individually. The ranks are: Veteran, Elite, Champion.
  • Each Bodyguard begins as a Veteran. It costs 3 tokens to upgrade to Elite, and 5 to upgrade to Champion.
  • Elite Bodyguards gain 1 Wound, 1 Attack, 1 Weapon Skill, and 1 Ballistic Skill.
  • Champion Bodyguards gain 1 Wound, 1 Attack, 1 Leadership, 1 Toughness, and 1 Strength.
    *HQ Bodyguards gain an extra Rogue Trader wargear slot and are given the model’s base statline (unless their Champion statline is better) and wargear, plus any additional rules and wargear purchased for them.
  • All wargear given to the Retinue must be purchased with Requisition first.

Commander's Retinue

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