Eldrin Zecharin

Leader of the Aeterna Venatore


Master Sergeant (Command Level 2)

WS4 * BS4 * S4 * T4 * W1 * I4 * A2 * Ld9 * Sv3+

Halberd of the Lion (Relic)
Frag Grenades
Krak Grenades
Flash Grenades
Terminator Armor
Sentry Guns (Lascannon)
Magna Melta (2)
Storm Shield

Special Rules:
Psyker (Mastery Level 1)
And They Shall Know No Fear
Grim Resolve

Warlord Trait:
Rapid Redeployment


Maximum Points Allowed:
750 Combat Patrol

Body Guard Purchased:
Algessus Maerco – Deathwing Knight (Veteran)
Marius Brutus – Deathwing Knight (Veteran)
Eridas Diomedes- Deathwing Knight (Veteran)

Formations Unlocked:

Known Psychic Powers:
Mind Worm
Mind Wipe
Seed of Fear
Veil of Time


Eldrin Zecharin had only been promoted to Sergeant for an hour before he had his first assignment. It felt good that the Grand Master of the Aeterna Venatori felt confident sending him on a mission, but he was disconcerted to hear that he would be sent on a scouting mission with but a few Marines by his side. His job was to coordinate with the 10th Company on a new system that had recently been discovered. The Caldoss System was mostly uncharted, its only reference in the Imperial Records was restricted, though Antivas did not know why. There was only two reasons to deny access to a record: there was heresy, or a lost legion. Zecharin met with his Tactical Squad, his “Honor Guard”, and prepared to depart. He looked back on his home planet of Veritas with a sigh. He wondered if he would ever see it again.

The headaches had gotten worse, and the visions were getting more clear. The last one was the most clear. He saw a man in gold armor transforming into a demon and tearing his heart out. He woke up on the floor of his chambers with a massive headache. As he pulled himself to his feet he heard a knock at the door. It was his second-in-command Trethar Abdonias with a message. The Blood Ruby chapter had also arrived in the Caldoss Sector.

As the Scouts gathered intel on the area The Venatore and Blood Ruby executed training missions to prepare for the coming battle. As Eldrin looked on the Blood Ruby Sergeant, Adrastus Catigernus, his mind flooded with images. The man from his visions stood before him. During the final phases of the exercise Sergeant Catigernus found an abandoned power fist and took it, despite warnings from Eldrin. The vision once again flashed in his mind and he knew for certain that this campaign would end in tragedy for the Blood Ruby chapter.

Eldrin was pacing back and forth across his quarters when Trethar came to the door. Trethar was his most trusted advisor and the only person he had told about his visions. He was not even sure he was a psyker yet, he needed to test out his visions to see if they were real, and he could not wait until Adrastus fell to Chaos. Since he arrived he began having a recurring dream about a river made out of living metal. He had scanned the planet and found a location that matched what he had seen in his vision and confirmed his darkest fear: near the river was a small company of Necrons. He knew now that he had been given a gift, and could no longer deny that he was a psyker. He set out to engage the newly discovered foe in the muck.

When he arrived at the river he discovered an ancient Imperial drop ship with several items, one of which was a halberd that almost seemed to call to him. After clearing out the Necrons in the area he studied the halberd and found a dataslate with a single message. The halberd was a gift long abandoned, a gift for a Librarian. He decided to take the halberd and speak with the Grey Knights who had accompanied Adrastus to Caldoss. If anyone could sense corruption, in himself or the halberd, they could.

Unfortunately getting an audience with the Grey Knights was not as easy as Eldrin had hoped. Instead, he had been ordered to train his troops with the Blood Angels and newly arrived Deathwatch. As he faced off against the Deathwatch he gripped his halberd tightly and prepared to charge forward. As he saw his foe coming closer he imagined them fleeing before him. Just then, he felt a surge of warp energy leave him as all those around him seemed to flinch. Had he really just manifested a psychic power? As Sergeant Kial walked off the battlefield Eldrin was hit with a vision of himself in chains looking up at what he could only assume was an inquisitor. She held her sword above her head and pronounced him “Excommunicate Traitoris.” He woke from his vision as her sword pierced his neck; and he had felt the pain.

The Grey Knights agreed to see Eldrin against the word from Lord Inquisitor Tyriel. He had not met her, but he knew she was the one who had killed him in his dream. He had to find a way to change his fate, though he suspected he could buy himself time if he submitted to the Grey Knight probes. For 37 hours he was probed psychically and found clean by the Grey Knights. They discovered that the halberd was designed to amplify the warp, but also offered greater protection from it. No daemon was found inside the blade, just an ancient technology. He was allowed to take his new weapon with the Inquisition’s blessing. He was not naive enough to think that they were ok with this new weapon, as nothing unknown sat well with the Grey Knights or Inquisition. But, he also knew Brother-Captain Reinhar was as ambitious as he was pious. Allowing this technology to be reverse engineered and provided as a means of greater effectiveness against the Imperium’s enemies would earn him many favors from the Lords of Terra. As Eldrin left he felt the gaze of Lord Inquisitor Tyriel burning into the back of his head. He knew she would be watching him, and he considered himself lucky that there was no Ordo Hereticus in the system.

Eldrin returned to his quarters and sat down at his desk. He was so preoccupied with all that had happened he did not notice the intruder. “Congratulations, Master Sergeant, or should I call you Librarian? An undocumented psyker, and yet no death sentence. I am impressed.”

Eldrin turned around and saw a man standing in the corner, his green armor concealed by a blue cloak. “Alexi? What are you doing here?”

Alexi smiled back, “I am here to save you brother. And to bring you up to speed on a few things. But first, you must prove yourself. Come brother, there is a lot to say and time is not on our side. The Inquisitor cannot know that I am here, she is already suspicious.”

“Suspicious of what?” Eldrin asked.

“Of us. Of what I am about to tell you. Welcome to the Inner Circle, brother.”

Eldrin stared into the starless sky unable to speak. Alexi turned back to look at Eldrin, who had put on the robe Alexi had brought him. “That blue looks good on you,” Alexi said with a smile. Eldrin continued to stare unaffected by Alexi’s words. “Its a lot to take in, I know. Take all the time you need.”

“How could his friend do that to him? His second-in-command…” Eldrin said.

“That is only the beginning brother. I have yet more to tell you. But you need rest, and I know your men are waiting for you. Go, we will finish later.”

Alexi watched as Eldrin walked away silently, though it had gone better than with other newly appointed members of the Inner Circle. Despite Eldrin’s rank Alexi knew he would need to space out the revelations. Once Eldrin was out of view Alexi suddenly turned around with his storm bolter raised. “Who goes there?”

“Do you think he knows about his past?” a voice said from the darkness.

Alexi lowered his weapon. “No…I don’t think he remembers. His psychic powers do not seem to have affected his memory.”

A Space Marine clad in green with a blue tabard walked into the starlight. Librarian Dorte hesitated then spoke with a calm tone. “How has his psychic powers been manifesting?”

“The staff. It has ancient technology that amplifies psychic energy. Should the block be removed he would be a formidable psyker, a rival to even yourself. But his memory would return…and that would do nothing bad damage him.”

“We cannot hold his past from him forever. Would it not be better to learn from his friend? Especially now that they have arrived in the system” Dorte said frowning.

“So it is true? Everything is going according to the Eldar’s vision?”

“Yes. The Blood Ruby Captain has already tasted of Chaos’ cup. It will not be long before he gains favor with the dark gods. We must keep Eldrin safe. You must take him from the system.”

“He will never leave. This is his moment to shine. He has worked hard for this.”

“Which is why we must tell him. If he knew what was at stake he would leave now to live to fight again.”

“Some, brother, would call that cowardice.” Alexi said with a smile.

“Yes, some would. I call it prudence.”

“I will tell him. As soon as he gets back.” Alexi said looking at the sky. “Tyrethel has arrived…I assume that headstrong young Warlock is to blame?”

“Yes. He refused to heed my words. He believes that he can change fate and that this is the only way to save his people. And perhaps he can…I would rather not risk the consequences. But they are not my people.”

“Hmph. Why do you care so much about them anyway? Filthy xenos if you ask me.” Alexi said spitting.

“If you have seen what I have seen, brother, you would not be so quick to discount the lives of those around us. They may be filthy xenos, but they are so much more than that. But it is time. I must go. Get him out of here. With the Tyrethel arriving there is no telling how quickly this could spiral out of control.”

“It was good to see you, brother librarian. Go in safety.”

Dorte bowed to his Company Master and showed the sign of the aquila with his hands. Alexi returned the gesture and looked up to see that Dorte had gone. “Damn psykers.” Alexi said with a chuckle. “I wish I could just…”

Before he could finish his sentence he felt a prick in his neck. He reached up and pulled a dart from his neck. He smelled it then threw it to the ground. “Extract of the polyvinous root. Very interesting tactic to use on a Space Marine, assassin. You are going to have to use something a lot stronger to kill me.”

A voice came from the shadows as Alexi tried to find the source. It seemed to be coming from all around him. “Death is not what I have in mind for you, Marine. No, I wish only to bring you to justice for your crimes against the Imperium.”

“What crimes?” Alexi roared. “What lies has Tyriel used to poison your mind?”

“Only that you hold secrets. Secrets she would very much like to know. Secrets that you and your brothers refuse to spill.”

“Secrets are not to be told, assassin. Otherwise they would not be secrets.”

“Maybe so, Venatore, but secrets do create enemies. And you have erred to make Tyriel your enemy.”

The poison had rendered Alexi unable to move and as he felt it course through his veins he could barely hold his own weight. He defiantly refused to fall down though his legs were trembling beneath him. “Do your worst, assassin. I will say nothing.”

“Then you will die.” Alexi looked to his left as he heard the trees rustle. THe last thing he saw was the assassin jump out from behind a tree and knock him cold with a single punch.

Eldrin Zecharin

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