Once per campaign each player may declare to their opponent that they are attempting to recover a relic. This relic may be any standard piece of wargear available to the player’s army and becomes their pet project. The player may add special rules to the relic making it a custom piece of wargear of their own design. The upgrades you make to the relic do not cost requisition, but you must plan out with me what the rules are to help avoid overpowered items. You can add three modifications to your relic and they become available at Command Level 1, Command Level 3, and Command Level 5.

All missions in which a relic is being sought have the following Special Rule: Treasure Hunter – The Warlord seeking the relic can leave the table by moving off of his own table edge. This is an exception to the rule that no model may voluntarily exit the table. Note: The Player seeking a relic does not have to win the game to claim the relic, he just has to end the game with it in his possession.

In order to claim the objective the opponent places the relic (an actual objective marker in addition to any other objectives in the battle) anywhere along the center line of the table. If the Player’s Warlord ends the game claiming that objective they get the relic. Alternatively, the Warlord can move the objective and leave the table.

(e.g.) I am playing against Brandt and want to find a relic halberd. Brandt places the relic in the center of the table. If I end the game with the relic within 3" of me, or if my Warlord leaves the table with the relic I get the halberd. I then decide that I want the Halberd to give me and my unit Furious Charge. That is immediately available. At Level 3 I decide I want the spear to give me Feel No Pain. Then at level 5 I decide it is no longer Unwieldy. I now have my own custom piece of wargear that I built myself. But remember, the final stats on the wargear will determine how expensive your commander is, so don’t go too crazy.


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