Fighting Battles

Players earn Requisition and Experience Tokens by fighting battles. In order to keep the leveling progression somewhat balanced there are limits to the amount of battles that grant Requisition and Tokens.

Players earn 1 Experience token for playing a game, and a second Token if they provided a good time to their opponent. If a player provided a bad experience please send the details to me and I will address the problem with the player. I want this to be fun for everyone so please try to avoid bad experiences. Also please note: losing a game, even an epic loss, is no reason to call foul. Now if the player beat you and rubbed it in and was a jerk, please let me know. Players can earn up to 2 Experience Tokens per week, 4 when you consider bonus tokens.

Players earn Requisition for the two highest scoring battles each week. Requisition is earned on Mondays.

End Zone will be hosting a Campaign Night on Thursdays with extra Requisition and Wargear available. If you cannot make it Thursdays then you are free to play your games anywhere and anytime you can; just make sure to report your results to Ben or Drew.

Fighting Battles

Assault on Caldoss CaptainAntivas