Earning Requisition

Players earn Requisition in the following ways:

Playing Games: The easiest way to earn Requisition is to play games. Whether you win or lose you earn points just for playing. This is because it is often that the person who loses learns the most, while the winner learns what works. Both winners and losers get stronger for the challenge. At the end of each game the Winner earns 100 Requisition, while the loser earns 125 Requisition. No that is not a typo, losers earn more base Requisition for playing. But don’t worry, Winners will still likely earn more Requisition through missions, killing, and objectives.

Completing Missions: For each game players may choose to employ Tactical Objective Cards in addition to the Missions. Players earn 10 Requisition for each completed Tactical Objective.

Capturing Objectives: At the end of each battle players earn 10 Requisition for each Objective that they claim and 5 Requisition for each Objective that they contest.

Killing Units: Players earn 10 Requisition for each unit that is completely destroyed. Units that are falling back or in Reserves when the game ends DO NOT count as destroyed for this purpose. You must actually kill them all (or run them off the table, that still counts as destroyed).

Completing Bounties: Inquisitors, or other concerned folks, will sometimes frequent the system and offer rewards for killing a particular unit, destroying a building, or claiming a particular territory. These bounties will most often offer Requisition, though wargear or training may also be used as payment for more important missions.

Selling Wargear: The Rogue Trader will come around to the system and offer their wares, but as you buy more wargear you may find yourself holding too much stuff and not be able to use it all. If you no longer want to keep a particular piece of wargear you may sell it to a player, auction it off to the other players (through the Rogue Trader), or sell it back to the Rogue Trader at a 40-60% loss. (You buy a piece of wargear for 10 points, when you sell it back he will give you between 4 and 6 Requisition back.)

This is not an exhaustive list and may change from time to time.

Earning Requisition

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