Campaign Rules

This campaign is the story of how your character rose through the ranks to become the commander of your army. The most important factor in this campaign is choice, the second is fun. I have written the rules to give you the most choice, within reason, while allowing you the ability to tell your own story. This campaign is not about winning and the rules have been written to reflect that mindset. Again, I want players to feel like they are on the same level and play to have a good time, not to win.

Each character starts as a Sergeant upgrade for a unit of Troops chosen from your Faction’s Codex. If you wish to use a sub-faction through a Supplement (like the Farsight Enclaves for example) then that must be communicated to me before you implement the change. This is important to remember as the availability of units will become a factor later. You may switch your sub-faction throughout the campaign if you provide a Narrative reason why that happened. I will not be telling your story for you, I want this to be yours and yours alone.

The players earn two types of currency in the game: Requisition and Experience Tokens. Requisition is used to purchase wargear for your army, training (new special rules), and items from the Rogue Trader. No model can modify, upgrade, or swap out any wargear unless it is part of their base wargear or first purchased using Requisition. This includes all wargear for your commander. (e.g. a Deathwing Terminator has Terminator Armor, a Powerfist, and a Storm Bolter as their base wargear. Those items do not need to be purchased as the model comes with it. But, if the Deathwing Terminator wants to bring a Heavy Flamer instead of a Storm Bolter the Heavy Flamer must first be purchased from your Faction’s armory, then it can be equipped and taken into battle.) There is some flexibility based on your Faction if the chosen character has no wargear at all, but those are special circumstances that must be brought to my attention so I can make those adjustments on a case by case basis. Yes, I realize that this makes some characters start ahead of the game a bit. This is the 41st Millennium, and there is only war. Balance is for Infinity. Requisition is earned by playing games, completing missions, capturing objectives, and killing enemy units. Please refer to the Earning Requisition page for more information on how to earn Requisition.

Experience Tokens are used to Level Up your Commander and their Retinue. It is through these Tokens that your Commander is promoted from a Sergeant to an HQ and beyond. There will be new levels of Command available to you other than what is in your Codex. These will be created by me, though if you have ideas on how to implement that I am wiling to hear you out. Each Faction has a Progression chart that directs how your Commander can progress. Again, these are created by me and must be followed; but if you have ideas on how to make them better please tell me. (e.g. I want my character to be a Librarian. He spends the appropriate amount of Tokens and is promoted to Librarian. I then want him to become an Epistolary, so I pay the appropriate amount of Tokens and he gets new wargear options, a new stat line, and new rules.) Please refer to the Promoting Your Commander page for more information. Tokens are also used to purchase Warlord Traits and Psychic Powers. (Note: The relevant Warlord Trait or Psychic Power must be randomly rolled in a game in order to purchase it permanently.) Please refer to Spending Tokens page for more information on this. Finally, Tokens are used to purchase and upgrade your Commander’s Retinue. Any model that is not a Super-Heavy or a Gargantuan Creature can be in the Commander’s Retinue. Please refer to the Retinue page for more information on creating your Retinue.

A character can possess any number of items they want. A character only has 2 Weapon slots, 2 Wargear slots, and a Flex slot. The Flex slot can be either wargear or a weapon.

Warlord Traits and Psychic Powers cost 15 Requisition each. If a player rolls a Psychic Power during a game he can spend 15 Requisition to learn that power permanently. A player may know as many Psychic Powers as they want, but may only take into battle as many powers as they have Mastery Level; they may also take one Primaris Power from any Power Tree they know for free, and Force is also free if they have a Force Weapon. (i.e. my Librarian is Mastery Level 2 and I know 5 Psychic Powers, but I can only take Veil of Time, Mind Wipe, Mind Worm, and Force into battle.)

Like Psychic Powers, if a player rolls a Warlord Trait during a game they may spend 15 Requisition to make that their permanent Warlord Trait. Characters may only know 1 Warlord Trait, and once you buy that trait you can not buy another. Be sure of the Warlord Trait you want before you buy it!

And finally, lets just have a good time. We are all adults and I trust you all not to cheat. This is a long campaign and you have plenty of time to make your commander an epic hero. Please don’t ruin someone else’s game experience by cheating.

Campaign Rules

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