Leader of the Shadow Cadre


Riptide Shas’O (Command Level 5) (24 total earned XP tokens)

WS3* BS5* S6* T6* W5* I3* A4* Ld10* Sv2+/5++

Riptide Battlesuit
Nova Reactor
Riptide Shield Generator

Special Rules:
Supporting Fire
Hit & Run

Maximum Points Allowed:

Wargear Purchased:
Void Laser (Relic) (+1 BS if remained stationary)
Stimulant Injector
Target Lock

Other Wargear:
Jet Pack
Cyclic Ion Repeater (2)
Jump Pack
Guerilla Protocol
Improved Scope (Void Laser)

Units Purchased:

Formations Unlocked:


Or’Mont’Da was born on the Sept world N’dras before the days of its abandonment and was one of the few soldiers left behind to guard the earth caste scientists during their research. He worked as an occasional test pilot for some of their new battle suits during the prototype testing phase, but most of his time was spent training with his brothers in his squad.they readily accepted the new field enhancers, and the guardian drones that accompanied them. Lately, much of his time has been spent training with the new short range pulse blasters and the tactics that come with them. Now, the Ethereal Council has sent their prized Shadow Cadre to a newly discovered system where they hope that new technologies can be brought back for research.


Assault on Caldoss daishozen