Sybarite of the Cabel of the Unseen Desire


WS – 4
BS – 4
S – 3
T – 3
W – 2
A – 3
Ld – 9
Sv – 5+

Requisition – 160 pts.

Kabalite Armor
Splinter Rifle
Power sword


Maedarason was a cruel Dracon in the service of Archon Varseque. A trueborn with a over developed sense of cruelty even by Dark Eldar standards, he was infamous for his disdain for anything he deemed weaker than himself.

Eventually, he set his sights on the position of Archon. Making pacts with a duo of haemoculi to prevent his Archon’s resurrection, he gathered together what followers he could, promising them position of power under his rule. All he needed was an opportunity for an “accident” to tragically happen.

Opportunity came when the Kabal of the Seventh Desire joined with the Cult of Broken Sorrow on an imperial forge world. During the raid, he and his command were ordered to guard Archon Varseque’s flank while he went after the defender’s commanders. sacrificing those who were not in league with him, he and his followers moved to a position where a stray blast would tragically kill Varsque.

Hubris was Maedarason’s undoing. Thinking to personally finish Archon Varsque off, he was proven to be the inferior swordsmen, and was dragged back to Commorragh. After torturing Maedarason for several cycles, Archon Varseque decided to strip him of all rank and make him a lowly kabalite soldier, thinking he wouldn’t survive his squad mates hatred of him for past transgressions.

Maedarason is determined to win back his position and succeed against Archon Varseque, working his way up to Archon of the Seventh Desire. And this time, he is determined to be better prepared.


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