Madina Hexblade

Hekatrix of the Lunacide Wych Cult


WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I6 A3 LD9 Sv6+
Wych Armor
Splinter Pistol
Agonizer AP3 Poison 4+
Plasma Grenades
Dodge: 4+ invuln in CC

Night Vision
Power from Pain
Combat Drugs

Bands of Azgolath – 15 Points (30 Requisition)
(Any) (Limit 1)
Grants the bearer Hatred, Rage, Furious Charge, and Rampage. At the start of the Assault Phase if the bearer is within 12" of any enemy unit he must immediately declare a charge against the closest unit. If the bearer is within 12" of an enemy unit but cannot declare a charge (if it fired heavy weapons for example) then the bearer must take a Leadership Test. If the test is passed nothing happens; if the test is failed the bearer suffers a Wound with no saves of any kind (and no Feel No Pain or Reanimation Protocols can be taken either) as the demonic hunger eats away at the bearer’s soul.


A true born who once served Lady Malys as a retainer, was set up and framed for the attempted murder of the Lady Malys herself. Sent to the arena to die, Madina Hexblade pulled off the impossible and killed a Tyranid Carnifex that was to be her doom, with only her fists.

Battling her way through nightmarish creatures, Madina gained favor of the crowds and caught the attention of a lesser known Wych Cult seeking recognition. The Lunacide, or Death under the Moon Cult (as it is also known by), purchased the rights to Madina and gave her leadership over a small force.

With a heart full of anger, Madina sets out to rise through the ranks and unravel the mystery as to who set her up, by any means necessary. Knowing she’ll never regain her former position, she seeks to make the best of her situation and watch all in her path suffer.

Fate would eventually smile on Madina, as she hears rumor of an exiled Kabalite who holds information about her saboteurs. She heads to Caldoss with a small contingent when she is intercepted by a small force of Tau warriors. Stealth Suits seemed to appear from nowhere as Madina fought her way through the Tau. After defeating their commander, Madina finds the Kabalite in some ruins, dead. Clutched in his hands is a piece of paper that reads “Vect knows…”. The remainder of the note is burnt.

As Madina searches her memory of when she ever dealt with Vect, she leans on a wall and falls through as the hologram dissipates. She follows a set of stair downward into the ruins. She feels cold… She has a hard time seeing… She senses the Warp.

Tucked away at the bottom of the stairs is a chest. Madina opens it up and sees a piece of armor. It appears to me made from metal, but it absorbs all light around it. Peering into it felt like gazing into the warp. Endless.

After bearing the armor, Madina leaves the ruins. She sees more Tau warriors, but they are engaged in combat with the accursed Necrons. Bearing an eternal rage for the Necrons, Madina enters into battle alongside the Tau, and inflicts death by 1000 cuts into the Necron forces.

Madina Hexblade

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