Eternity Guardian



Power Axe
Storm Shield
Frag Grenades
Krak Grenades
Special issue ammunition

Special Rules:
Atonement through honor
And They Shall Know No Fear
Mission tactics
Move through cover


No one knows of the watch sergeant known as Kial’s past. One day he strode onto the watch fortress demanding audience with the master of the watch, which was granted. None know what happened behind those engraved doors, all that is known is that Kial is an exceptional fighter as well as leader, and that he knows far more about events long past than anyone living has a right to…..

Through battle as a black shield commander Kial has shown that whatever his past life holds it is a boon to his allies, enemies fall to his bolter and blade as he drives ever onward to victory, and greater ambition…….


Assault on Caldoss enderx2