Justicar of strike team Omega of the Majestic Knights Chapter


WS:4 BS:4 S:4 T:4 I:4 A:2 W:1 LD:9 SV: 2+


.Storm Bolter
.Terminator armor
.Force Sword
.Power armor
.Frag grenades
.Krak grenades
.Psyk-out grenades

Special Rules

.The Aeigis
.Brotherhood of Psykers(ML1)
.Combat Squads
.Deep strike
.Prefered Enemy(daemons)
.Purity of spirit

REQ- 100pts

.Magna Melta
.Sentry turrets
.Orbital Relay


As just barely being promoted to sergeant of Omega squad, Glantor came to lead the squad squad after his previous leader sacrificed himself in keeping the citizens of Dynia safe from a Daemon incursion. Ever since that day Glantor has high expectations that he must hold for his new squad. After facing 4 bloodletters on his own after being seperated from his squad during a citadel crashing down, Glantor shows good martial skill and also leadership by leading his squad to a secure spot in the mist of daemons so the rest of the Majestic knights terminators could teleport in.
Ever since that day Glantor promised to himself like all the leaders before him that he would protect the citizens of the Imperium from all the enemies of mankind and even from his own brother space marines. Unlike other space marine chapters who don’t care about the lives of civilians the Majestic Knights were created to do just that and fight the daemons of the warp from spreading to planets. With the help of the populace the Majestic Knights are 99% always at full strength and have so many recruits a new space marine chapter is being created in the process.As the Majestic knights are so few in number they have purely battle barges and no other naval ships. This way of tradition of helping and caring for the lives of civilians has made other space marine chapters have a big distaste for the Majestic Knights especially the Greyknights. Because of this scholars don’t know how all of the Greyknights technology got into another space marine chapter. rumors say it was when one of the battlebarges carrying 1/3 of a Greyknight brotherhood got lost in the warp and never returned during the Greyknights first days of trial in real space and explains why the Majestic knights have no other naval ships.

With the Battle on Cantor raging war the Majestic Knights must evacuate the citizens of Cantor especially the nothern end of the planet as that is where the populace create some the Majestic knights weapons and armor. With only Squad Omega and there Storm Raven Glantor must lead his squad to the planet and protect the city for two weeks before reinforcements come in on the battle barge " lightspear" to give support to the planet. Will Glantor succeed or will this be his last battle.


Assault on Caldoss Deron