Drachrion Kabas

Leader of the Gore Dragons


Chaos Lord
WS6 *BS5 *S4 *T4 *W3 *I5 *A3 *Ld10 *Sv2+/4++

Terminator Armor
Power Axe
Lightning Claw: re-roll ones in psychic phase; daemon weapon

Special Rules:
Champion of Chaos
Independent Character

Warlord Trait:

Bodyguard Purchased:

Formations Unlocked:


Drachrion Kabas was a new recruit of the Gore Dragons Chapter when the Inquisition executed his Chapter Master for heresy, and the rest of the Chapter rose up in rebellion against the Imperium and fled into the Warp. Once inside, their hatred for the injustice against them festered and magnified a hundred fold because of the twisted machinations of the Warp around them. Since then, their Chapter (now a Warband) has taken any opportunity they could to disrupt the Imperium and weaken it. Drachrion had proven himself and gained the attention and favor of his new Chaos Lord (who took command after the death of the previous Chapter Master) throughout these battles, gaining more and more favors until he was gifted his very own command of a small unit of warriors. The most recent excursion into Imperium space led their ship to Caldoss, and the much hated Astartes already stationed there. The Chaos Lord decided to test Drachrion, and assigned him the duty of seeing what the Imperium wanted with this planet, and to take it from them or destroy it. Drachrion accepted the mission and gathered his unit, along with a couple others that were placed under his command. He would prove his worth to his Lord, and show these Imperial dogs what true strength is!

Shortly after achieving planetfall, Drachrion came face to face with a man who introduced himself only as “the Dark Apostle”. He appeared as if from nowhere, and Drachrion noticed he was some kind of astral projection, not tangible. “I am here to guide you. Heed my words, and you will obtain the glory that you seek. Or ignore my words, and you will face utter destruction.” The Dark Apostle said. Intrigued, Drachrion listened to this man. “There is a Dark Angels presence here on this world. I want them gone. They do not know you have arrived. There is a small patrol nearby. Go and make your presence known.” At these instructions, Drachrion nodded in acceptance. He was ready for a fight, especially against loyalist scum. “I will do as you ask, Apostle, as long as you keep your word.” The Dark Apostle grinned. “Do not concern yourself. I will be watching.” With that, the Dark Apostle disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared. Drachrion turned to his warriors. “Let’s go spill some loyalist blood!”

“Curse you and your False Emperor!” Drachrion screamed as he fell back with his remaining warriors from the fight with the Dark Angels patrol. The fight had become a bloodbath. Drachrion had not been prepared for how well they had fortified their outpost. He had managed to fell one loyalist biker, but the other loyalists pushed back their assault, deflecting their shots and dodging their blows. He himself was wounded as well, after which he called a retreat. What remained of his men followed him back into the trees. There they stumbled across what looked like an old ammo dump. Another of his patrols joined his at the ammo dump, and they scavenged what they could find. There were several bikes and weapons that were in good condition, despite the apparent abandonment of the dump. While claiming a bike for himself, Drachrion was visited again by the strange man called the Dark Apostle. “You have passed your test.” Drachrion grew angry. “How?! I failed to destroy those loyalist dogs! I lost most of my warriors!” The Dark Apostle waved his hand. “I did not tell you to destroy them, although that would have been preferable. I only told you to make your presence known. Which you have done very well. You losing your men was to be expected; the Dark Angels were much better equipped than your band. Besides, it does not matter from whence the blood flows, is that right?” Drachrion snarled, then bellowed “Do not mock me!” He swung his chainsword at the Dark Apostle in anger, and the Apostle chuckled as the weapon passed harmlessly through the projection. “A futile attempt, as I am not physically there. But no matter, as I said before, you have passed the test. As a result, I have gained the ear of your Lord and he has sent some extra supplies and warriors your way. I shall contact you again later.” He grinned as the projection disappeared. Drachrion calmed himself and confirmed with his ship the coordinates of the supply drop. He then rounded his warband, mounted his new bike, and set off towards the meeting point. As he was riding, he felt a voice in his head, a voice calling to him from a different direction than his original destination. He stopped his warband and tracked the voice, finding it was coming from his left. He turned and headed in the new direction, following the voice. The voice lead him to a large clearing, with another abandoned settlement in it. The voice seemed to be coming from the building in the middle of the settlement. He stopped at the edge of the settlement, sensing things were not as they appeared. Suddenly, an Eldar patrol descended on his warband. “A trap! I need to get to that building! Keep those Eldar away from me!” Drachrion barked as he gunned his bike’s engine.

Drachrion looked behind him as he reached the trees at the other edge of the clearing. He saw only one other biker following, the last remaining of his warband. He then looked at the relic he retrieved from the building, a lightning claw from a time long ago. He had lost most of his warband again because of his reckless decision to seek out the source of the voice in his head. But even as he thought this, he could feel the immense power contained within the claw. His curious mind prevented him from wielding the claw the moment he picked it up. He wanted to study it first, to find and unlock whatever secrets and properties it held.

Though Drachrion has fought many of the opposing forces fighting over the planet Caldoss, none were more hated than the Eldar under the command of Iethil Nightcrow. He hated them even over the thrice-cursed Dark Angels. He was bested at every turn, as if Iethil knew his every move. His Master in orbit has seen fit to promote him and give him more units to command, and yet Drachrion knows his Master’s patience is getting thinner with each defeat.
‘I am curious to see which will wear out first: your patience? Or your life?’ Drachrion thought to himself. His attention was then drawn to the lightning claw that was currently residing in his quarters. He has been poking it and prodding it, seeking to unlock its secrets. He had already discovered that it has psychic energies that assist friendly Warp-users, while hindering enemy psykers. But as he was drawn to inspect it this time, he noticed something that he didn’t see last time. There was a small mark engraved on the palm of the claw. A daemonic mark. One that he knew is engraved to entrap a daemon. This lightning claw was the home of a daemon’s soul, entrapped for untold millennia. He did not sense the daemon’s presence at first, but as he focused on the claw, he could feel the presence very faintly, and realized the daemon was sleeping and only needed to be awakened. He knew of an area of unholy ground that could be used to wake a daemon. As he gathered his followers, he discovered a suit of Terminator armor and claimed it for himself. His two squad mates did likewise. Clad in their new armor, Drachrion and his squad led his small army to the unholy ground to wake the sleeping daemon.

As expected, the cursed Eldar had arrived at the site of the ritual and attempted to stop Drachrion from completing the ritual and waking the daemon. For many hours he tried to contact the daemon, while his army held back the foul Xenos. At long last, there was finally enough Warp presence in the immediate area for the daemon in the lightning claw to awaken. Drachrion then strode down to the claw, unheeding the commotion around him, picked up the weapon, and made a pact with the daemon inside, thus allowing Drachrion to equip and utilize the daemon weapon. He would bring ruin to the Eldar, and after them, the Imperium of the False Emperor.

His Master summoned Drachrion to the bridge of their ship.
“I would have you killed for your continued failures. However, you have shown some promise as well. It is amusing to me. Therefore, you will now have access to any units and stores aboard this ship. The Chaos Gods have shown me this is to be.” Drachrion nodded with a grin. He had finally obtained what he has been seeking: becoming a Chaos Lord and receiving his own command.
‘Still, to answer to someone else is not something a Chaos Lord would do…’ said the voice that Drachrion had now learned was the daemon within his weapon.
‘It is just us, and him. With me at your side, you can overpower him easily and take command for yourself.’
Drachrion nodded again. ‘This is the perfect opportunity to strike and claim his command for my own.’
He strode up behind his Master. “How am I to be a Lord of Chaos if I still serve another?” He raised the daemon weapon, and as his Master turned to face him, he brought it down and struck. The sparking claw sliced easily through armor and flesh alike, removing the head completely and slicing deep through the chest. The former Lord’s body stayed standing, and to make sure he would not come back from the dead, Drachrion shoved his claw inside the chest and ripped out the two still-beating hearts of the former Chaos Lord. As he held the hearts, he saw a light appear around the daemon mark on the palm, and moments later a flame shot out of it and consumed the hearts.
‘A satisfying offering.’ The daemon said gleefully. Drachrion summoned his men, and proclaimed himself Lord of the Gore Dragons. In response, every one of his men pledged themselves to him.

Drachrion Kabas

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