Assault on Caldoss

Threads of Fate

The fabric of fate unfurled itself before Penthar -Illiec’s witch sight. The luminescent threads of lives and decisions twined and wove around each other, knotting around events which altered the direction of the weave. Some threads were frayed. Some, burned. Some were so long that it boggled even Penthar-Illiec’s mind. Many, many were shorn short. In places, the fabric folded in such a way as he could not see it clearly. Here, on Caldoss, the fabric was knotted and folded indeed.

The unwound threads of the future were today’s concern. The nearer events could still be easily manipulated, but the Doom of Tyrethel would only be prevented if current manipulations could alter the pattern that showed his home’s death at the hands of their Ancient Bane.

Twisting his wraithbone fingers in an dizzyingly fast series of patterns, runes laid themselves over those unwound threads, allowing him to overlay hypothetical events over them. Countless permutations were projected, and it was disturbing how many of them led to the same dark outcome.

Not all, though. There was yet hope.

The Exonarch weighed his options and selected one. It was not without risk, but it had the best chance of manipulating events in their favor.


The blood hued warband chopped their way through the thick jungles of Caldoss’s tropical region. Kethess, lord of the warband, sneered as he hacked through a vine or a python, he couldn’t tell which. This spawn-cursed jungle certainly had enough of both.

The offer put out by Adrastus certainly promised ample opportunities for blood and glory for the Dark Gods. Many worthy foes were present. His troop had already blooded themselves on some xenos they encountered, but he and his warband longed for true CARNAGE.

The bushes in front of him rustled and burst apart as a hulking brute in horned power armor stomped through.

“My Lord! There is a xenos encampment about ten clicks ahead of us. About fifty of those puny pointy ears.”

Kethess scowled, “Did they sense you?”

“No my Lord! Günthew’s squad is keeping watch over the camp, they contacted me when they couldn’t raise you on the com.”

That was good, if his entrance was indication, the Eldar would have heard him if he got anywhere close. He voxed the warband to converge on Güthews position. Khorne willing, they would shed blood today.

A few hours later, the warband circled the Eldar encampment. Kethess licked his fangs, eager to begin spilling blood. But no, best to wait for everybody to be in position. This campaign promised to be a long one, and shoddy tactics would cheat the Gods of the blood they demanded. The squad signals pipped in his ear. It was time.

With a howl, Kethess led his Chosen in a headlong charge at the encampment. His blood pumped in this ears. He whooped as the thin-limbed xenos scrambled for their weapons, far too late to make a difference. Axe raised high, his excitement reached a fever pitch as he swung downward at his first victim…

…and passed through it without hurting it at all. The illusory alien grinned smugly at him as it faded from his sight. Rage made Kethess’ sight go red as he whipped his head to either side, trying to see where the Eldar were. Massed laser fire cut down one of his Berserker groups to his left. A Maulerfiend exploded as melta beams lanced through it to his right. A truly gargantuan construct sliced a helbrute in half in front of him. As he turned to look behind him, an unnatural fear coursed through him and his Chosen moments before a psychic wail made all of the heads of his bodyguards explode.

A tall construct stood there, runes dancing around him as he lowered a spear at Kethess in challenge. Roaring as his warband fell around him, the Lord charged the ensorcelled creature. The spear slashed towards him, and he saw nothing at all.

Penthar-Illiec flicked the blood off of his spear. A jetbike pulled up next to him.

“Protector Gabrinsith, do you have it?”

“Yes Exonarch”

“Place it somewhere that it can be found.”

Without another word Gabrinsith dismounted and placed an ugly, crudely shaped message box on the corpse of the fallen chaos champion. The Mon-Keigh Astartes patrol a few hours away would find the message. Their superiors would find it, decrypt it and discover that it referenced the location of one of their “Fallen”. This would cause the Dark Angels to redeploy their forces in such a way that would allow the forces of the Necrontyr to advance on the forces of Edrastus. This would in turn delay Adrustus and cause him to lose more forces. This act alone would not avert the Doom of Tyrethel, but it was a step in the right direction.

Fall from Grace
The Shadow's Rebellion

Or’Mont’Da stood overlooking the retreat of his soldiers from the battlefield. What was left of his soldiers. He closed his eyes, not wanting to see the slaughter taking place before him. The Necron armies advanced slowly, inexorably forward, and all that stood in front of them were cut to the ground, be it from the green energy of their powerful Gauss weapons, or from the strange blades and staves they carried. More screams cut through the air as another squad who had valiantly stood their ground, trying to give their brothers time to escape, was dismembered. In horror he opened his eyes and beheld the last stand of his experimental Y’vahra class battlesuit. Plasma flames spewed forth, bathing the Necrons in fire, turning many of them into a molten slag. This however was not enough as the abominable wraiths phased through the flames and tore into his suit. A blinding flash of light followed as his Nova Reactor went critical and the Wraiths moved ever forward.

So many dead. How could they ever hope to survive in this system with their army thus destroyed? How could the Light of the Greater Good have failed them in this, their biggest hour of need? Hadn’t the Ethereals promised them protection from and power over those who refused to accept the Light? A heavy green bolt struck his suit, dropping him to the ground, a smoldering hole in his armor wrecking it, but barely missing the man inside. He struggled to rise as the servos in his left side refused to respond. An armored hand landed on his shoulder, and another reached down to grab his sluggish arm. Lifted to his feet he looked at his rescuer, and beheld an older model Crisis Suit painted in a scheme long associated with the Rebels. “Come my friend, we have much to discuss,” a voice full of wisdom and experience spoke through the suit.

Or’Mont’Da did not know this man, but the sword on his back spoke volumes. Commander Farsight himself stood before him and helped him, when the Ethereals could not. Suddenly a roaring was heard above the battle field. He looked to the skies and saw Crisis Suits breaking through the clouds and smoke. Landing zones blasted clear just before impact, the Necron ranks seemed to falter. Another, louder roar began to echo and into the newly cleared zones mighty Riptides landed and in all their furry disintegrated entire ranks at once with their powerful Ion Accelerators. The humming of their Nova Reactors being heard even above the blasts of plasma and ions. The remnants of his cadre being thus covered were able to make it far enough from the battlefield to survive.

Once the Cadre had escaped the armies of Farsight were able to swiftly extricate themselves from the battlefield. The remaining Fire Warriors met with their newly found brothers, at this point not caring about rebellions or Ethereals, just thankful that they had their lives. Before Or’Mont’Da could give any words of encouragement to his depleted forces, bonding knives were drawn and the Ta’lissera had been sworn. Pledged to fight alongside their brothers, the few survivors were given new armor to protect them in the coming battles.

His suit destroyed by the Destroyer’s gun, Or’Mont’Da donned the armor of a Riptide, to better lead his forces into battle. He looked over his base, the brave warriors in their new armor arrayed in parade formation, mighty battlesuit wings standing as sentinels over them, and behind them, the newly delivered defensive suits towering over even his Riptide. New Y’vahras had been delivered also, to help replace the ones lost in battle. Even with the bulk of his men gone, this was still a great force to be reckoned with, and not one to take lightly. Augmented by the forces of Farsight they were stronger than ever before. From now on, the sky will burn with the flames of their jetpacks. Armies will crumble to the Ion rifles mounted on his soldier’s arms. And the ground will shake with the steps of his walkers. The Tau will emerge from this conflict Supreme.

The Ethereals would never forgive him for this. Even should he return with a victory, he had led his troops into rebellion and treason. Strangely he found himself not caring. He who had been raised in the Light of the Greater Good, had been trusted by the Earth Caste to test their most advanced weapons, given council directly from the Ethereals themselves, and even awarded by Ethereal Supreme Aun’Va for his bravery, didn’t care. The Ethereal Council was light years away, by the time they learned of this, the war would be over, he would deal with the consequences then.

Retribution at Hollows Edge
DE vs. GK

After the terrible defeat and losing almost half his squad Glantor was furious. The Storm Raven touched the ground and medics already piled out of the station to help the wounded marines and clear all the poison that were in their blood streams. While the marines were healing a servitor came to Glantor and asked that he may be escorted to the Mechanicum’s cult room for questioning of the Dark Eldar. Glantor accepted and went to the room the Servitor spoke of. When Glantor entered he noticed how huge the Grand hall was and seated in the center were 7 tech priest belonging to the 7 building stations of the city. After seeing what happened and a debate between the priests with buzzes and scorch mechanic sounds the tech priests think that Glantor and his squad are worthy enough to wear the holy terminator armor and Dreadknight armor kept in the mechanicums vaults, only if Glantor can grab the data files in hollows edge were the dark eldar were. Glantor accepted this offer and within a couple of days healing he and his squad changed equipment and headed on there way back to hollows edge. Glantor noticed the techpriest fitted his suit with a contraption on his hand that glowed hot red which he guessed was some type of melta weapon. After a couple of hours Glantors squad disembarked from there transport and ran towards the back of a brick building covering lines of fire in there bulky yet agile terminator armor. looking 3 blocks ahead Glantor sees a large force of dark eldar in there long sleek raider craft and what seems to be their leader in a venom.
knowing that this fight would not last long just on their own Glantor called in brother Azdel in his Dreadknight armor. With a quick rush of air and light the 20ft tall dreadknight appeared in front of them. With only one word Glantors squad runs around the building and knowing too well the Dreadknight teleports straight into the mist of the surprised dark eldar. With flames and psycannon fire the dreadknight pours all of his firepower into the venom carrying there leader. after Jinking and dodging it was too late before the venom crashed down and the occupants disembarked safely. Reacting swiftly the combined fire of thousands of poison shots fire at the dreadknight. Even with half his arm poisoned Azdel yells in fury as he fires and burns all he touches. While Azdel was soaking all the firepower Omega squad opened up on the nearest raider. with bolt rounds bouncing off Glantor raises his arm and out comes a white light of hot energy from his hands onto he raider. before the driver noticed the entire middle of the ship exploded with a sudden shockwave that sent dark eldar flying into flames. Seeing the terminators as a new thread the last raider shot thousands of poison injectors into the terminators. Before Glantor could call out a retreat brother Dismell and Clamelio got torn just by the number of shots. Out of anger Glantor blasted the raider to with the beam from his hand and only three eldar got to their feet before the bolters tore them to shreds. With that taken care of the dreadknight finishes the last of the eldar and recovered the files from a building two blocks up ahead and handed it to the techpriests to help finish there plans for the future to save their beloved home.

DE.vs.majestic Knights
Battle result

First game of the day!!! As the Storm Raven hits the ground the ramps drop and strike team Omega pulls out scanning for the enemy. With ruined buildings and blood stains everywhere the strike team was too late to help the civilians. With the dust settling and out from the corner of the streets DE in huge numbers popped out with splinter rifles spitting out from all directions. And with that team Omega returned fire with bolters hitting kabalite armor and punching threw bone before exploding. After minutes in two brothers fell to the ground from poison hitting there armor and injecting poison into there bodies. It was only a matter of time before more brothers would fall. Glantor immediately orders two of the other brothers to get the wounded brothers to safety. With more bolters coming in over 6 kabalites drop to the ground from impacts and some even shrugged off a round that hit them in the chests. Brother Claudio yells in pain as a shot hits him in the leg and could feel that he could no longer fight anymore. Glantor finally issues a retreat as the fight isn’t going anywhere here and so slowly the other members pulled back while brother Drak pulls out a grenade and throws it a two kabalites in front of him. Easily dodging the grenade Drak charges in and before he gets to swing he gets mowed down by splinter fire from all around him and drops. Avenging his brother, brother festor charges in killing two kabalites brutally and having the others fall back. While festor was taking the attention of the other DE Glantor notices the leader on the building and runs towards him and before he realizes it Glantor does a back hand stroke and cleaves the forearm off the leader. With a cry of pain the shots came at him and so he jumped off the balcony and runs for the storm Raven where it lifts off and flies away giving the DE victory.

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